Toy Story Fight Club

Toy Story
Fight Club

Check out this mashup of Disney's squeaky clean Toy Story and the dark and gritty movie Fight Club. Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) may be no Brad Pitt, but Woody (Tom Hanks) and Ed Norton do usually share the same hapless expression. This video by ChiefBrodyRules is a third iteration updated for Toy Story 3.


Tron Jeremy

Tron Jeremy
Tron Jeremy

What do you get when you mix Disney's latest highly polished mega-budget epic with a aging and unkempt adult film star? You'll just have to see for yourself in this almost safe for work clip from


The Transforminators

Transformers - Megatron

In this video by Black20 at IGN, the Terminators are joined by the Transformers to become an even more unstoppable meance... and turn into "sweet cars".


Saving Private Ryan - Team Fortress 2

Saving Private Ryan
Team Fortress 2

More of an ironic funny than "ha ha" funny, this video mashes the cartoony fun of the video game Team Fortress 2 with the gruesome horrors of war depicted in Saving Private Ryan. It's amazing how perfectly the two fit.


Anchorman 300 Mashup

300 Movie

This creative mashup at metacafe combines the outrageous melee scene of Anchorman with the audio and slow motion shots of the movie 300.

And I thought the original scene was funny enough. Imagine the likes of Will Ferrell, Tim Robbins, Luke Wilson, Steve Carell, and Ben Stiller in a bloody battle royale.